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Looking for New Experiences?
Are you interested in helping others? Meeting new people? Making an impact at home, and around the world? Lions club members use their time and talents to provide hands-on
assistance to enhance their communities. Through these experiences, members acquire new skills, cultivate lasting friendships, meet challenges head-on and learn a lot about
themselves in the process.

Looking for Fulfillment?
When was the last time you did something for yourself? Something that made you feel wonderful? Something that made the world around you a better place? Volunteering your time not only helps those in need, but also gives you a sense of pride and
accomplishment that comes from deep within. There is nothing like that feeling in the world.

Looking for Opportunities?
Do you want to pursue a leadership role? Would you rather lend a helping hand when needed? Lions clubs offer extensive opportunities for the kind of volunteer experience you desire. You have the alternative to work on projects that interest you, get on the leadership track, or engage in both, all while enriching lives.

Look No Further
If you are looking for an opportunity to help people, broaden your horizons and fulfill your goals, Lions Clubs International has what you are looking for. Lions clubs offer an amazing spectrum of possibilities. With a distinguished legacy that has retained its relevance through the years, Lions Clubs International is the premier service club organization in the world. In addition to meeting needs wherever they exist,
Lions clubs provide opportunities for women to learn, grow and assume leadership roles.

What do Lions clubs do?
Lions clubs are dedicated to meeting their community's needs. Worldwide, the association's major service initiative is serving the blind and visually impaired. Lions are also prominently dedicated to youth programs and helping young people around the

Lions clubs have been around for years, haven't they?
Lions clubs have an illustrious history dating to 1917. Through more than eight decades their commitment to serving those in need has never wavered, although the ways in which Lions clubs serve their communities have evolved to keep pace with an ever-changing world. Today, Lions are 1.4 million strong with active clubs located in over 190 countries and geographic areas worldwide.


Any person of legal majority, good moral character and good reputation in his or her community may be granted membership in a chartered Lions Club. If there were more of us, we could help more people!

What does it cost to join Lions?
There is a one-time membership fee, plus modest yearly dues.

Will being a Lion take me away from my family too much?
On the contrary, being a Lion enriches your family life. Perhaps your spouse would be interested in joining the club with you. There are many clubs that have couples as members. By volunteering, you are setting a wonderful, positive example for your children about the value of contributing your time to better your community. In many clubs, children are welcome at special club events and activities, and sharing the volunteer experience first-hand with your child will foster a life-long dedication to helping those in need.

What are the time commitments involved with a Lions club?
A Lions club holds regular meetings, which help the club plan projects and conduct business. Relevant presentations are also often part of the meeting. Most meetings take place during a mealtime, for the convenience of members. They are great opportunities to get to know club members better and to network.

Do I need to commit a large amount of time?
No, every Lion contributes what she or he can. Time commitments can range from as little as three hours a month to much more.

To learn how you may become a Lion, contact a member of your local Lions Club or check out http://tnlions.org to learn more about a Lions Club in your area.
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